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Here are some of the most common questions that I receive from my followers, along with the complete answers.

Real Live – The Turnaround: A Long Awaited Drama

From the moment I bought it back in 1996 I was immediately hooked to it. The beats, the rhymes, they just match perfectly on this album. A much overlooked album in my opinion. If you don’t know it, give it a listen… You will not be disappointed!

Pop The Trunk3:19
The Gimmicks3:26
They Got Me2:45
Ain’t No Love4:34
Iceberg Slick4:07
Larry-O Meets Iceberg Slick3:37
All I Ask Of You (Commin’ Thru)4:27
The Turnaround5:32
Trilogy Of Error4:55
Real Live Sh*t4:31
Day You Die4:45
Crime Is Money4:09
Money & Shows3:54
Real Live Sh*t (Remix)6:15

De Puta Madre – Une Ball Dans La Tete

People ask me regularly what album would you pick if you just have to choose only one… Well this is the one. Why? Because I’m from Belgium myself and this album represented the ’90s hip hop feeling over here for me.

Une Ball Dans La Tête5:39
La P.R.I.M.E.R.A.3:32
Strictly Barrio Sound4:09
Une Nuit De Plus Avec Le Crew3:57
Trippin’ Tranquilo3:57
Je Te Ray3:40
Esto Es De Puta Madre5:53
Tchi Sur Lassemm2:33
Just La Miooz3:39
Dhooz à Trez0:51
Chienne Des Rues5:08
Et Dans Le Biz On Respecte Le D.A.T.3:54
Le Dealer De Son Dope3:29
Repauz-en Paix2:50

Beastie Boys – Licensed To Ill

The first ever hip hop album I bought, actually paid by my mother as I was still a youngster, was ‘Licensed To Ill’ by the Beastie Boys. Couldn’t go bad with that one!! Funny enough it’s also the only item in my collection I cannot find anymore although I’m 100% sure it’s still laying around somewhere at my mothers place. Maybe it’s time to start a rescue mission to get it to the place where it belongs… the Hip Hop Collector’s archive!

Jamal – Last Chance, No Breaks

I clearly remember the moment I entered the shop in 1995, went to the hip hop section and saw this album standing… Bought it without listening as I just knew it would be a good one just looking at the album art. The picture itself was taken by Danny Hastings who is behind several of everyone’s favorite rap album covers.

The story behind this Jamal album cover:

Plan and prepare as much as you can for your shoots, but leave room for the unexpected. This shot was taken when we took a 15min break at the Photoshoot for the album artwork. Rowdy Records loved it so much that it became the album cover and come to think about it, I didn’t have a lunch break. I kept shooting. I love the second shot too, it never got published.
If you are a hip hop fan listen to this album… it got beats for days by legends in the game!!!

Check of more of Danny Hastings’ work:


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