In the late eighties on a local schoolyard in Antwerp, Belgium, a hip hop cassette was swapped between friends. It would change my life forever with a personal collection of over 11.000 hip hop tapes, cd’s, LP’s & memorabilia!!

And eventually result in the creation of hiphopcollector.com with over 1 million Facebook likes and thousands website clicks each month, it is one of the biggest platforms regarding hip hop culture…

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The real collecting started when I started working in a fast food restaurant being a student. All the money I earned over there went directly to new music. The fact that my favourite music store was on the other side of the street from this restaurant didn’t really help me to save some money back than.

I cannot tell my story without mentioning my friend Stijn Coppens who is now one of the best hip hop photographers in the world. When entering his apartment back than it felt like entering a hip hop museum. He was already collecting hip hop some time before me and he gave me the extra push to also start collecting to the fullest. In no time I caught up with him and when years later he stopped collecting himself I bought all the albums from him that I didn’t own yet myself. It must have been one of the biggest transactions I did.