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Miilkbone – Da’ Miilkrate

Great, often overlooked, 1995 album with lots of very nice songs on it. With “Keep It Real” and “Where’z da Party At?” probably being the most known tracks. Always loved this album a lot since I bought it when it was released back then.

“Keep It Real” is widely hailed as a classic song and is recognized for its unique piano sample which has been most famously used by rappers Big L and Jay Z on their legendary freestyle on the Stretch & Bobbito Show in 1995.

“Keep It Real” samples The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Party and Bullshit”



I bought my first official hip hop items back in the late 80’s and ended up with a room filled of classic hip hop. Some years ago my girlfriend, now wife,  proposed me to come out with my collection and share it with the world. So I did and was born.

I will randomly take albums and items from my collection and post it on my website hoping that it brings memories to you guys as well as lots of fantastic hip hop has been produced since the Bronx gave birth to the hip hop movement…

All items featured in the movie are taken from my personal hip hop collection. In the late eighties on a local schoolyard in Antwerp, Belgium, a hip hop cassette was swapped between friends. It would change my life forever with a personal collection of over 11.000 hip hop tapes, cd’s, LP’s & memorabilia!!

With collecting all this hip hop I try to preserve the culture and pay respect to the pioneers who really deserve it.

On my platform I do not only give credit to the pioneers, but I also want to provide a nice mix of classic with ‘quality hip hop’ which is still out there when you look for it. There are lots of great nowadays artists out there who don’t get the credit and promo.

If you’re in need of promo feel free to contact me here



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