Featured: 12 Inch Single / 1989 / Label ID: SBUK 8T

Rest In Peace

Awesome 12 inch from that crazy good 1989 'Crazy Noice' album from the good old days. Sadly enough we lost him way to young in 2020... Never to be forgotten!!

Music videos of all possible genres played a huge part during my youth. Watching them on Mtv when that was actually still a cool channel and for sure Yo! Mtv Raps got me in a way closer to the artists. Because, not being based in the USA, videos and magazines were in a way my window to the hip hop culture in the United States because back then I hardly had access to the internet and the internet was for sure not what it is nowadays...
Hip Hop Collector
12 INch
Original 1989 release
Photography: Peter Bodtke
Chris Crosby
mixed by
Paul C
Stezo small750
Combining my collection together with those awesome music videos is for me the perfect way to put together several art forms being photography, video and not to forget the art of collecting itself...
Hip Hop Collector

The Tracklist

X1To The Max (Radio)3:48
X2To The Max (Dub)3:48
Y1It’s My Turn (Radio)3:38
Y2It’s My Turn (Dub)3:38

I’m really lucky and blessed to have had old days to start collecting as a lot of the older albums in my collection are now out of print and when you find them there is a serious price tag hanging on them. All items you encounter on my website and social media come from my personal collection.

Another goal I try to reach via the website is to pay respect to the hip hop pioneers. It’s important to keep everybody aware of who paved the way for today’s artistsThe music industry is such a fast moving train that some people might forget where it all began.

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Hip Hop Collector