What is probably the case for many people this track is one of my favorite Geto Boys tracks, but I must directly admit that I have lots of tracks of them that I love a lot.

It was released as a single with the cover being an iconic picture from the time that Bushwick Bill lost his eye. The track is of course also featured on the classic Geto Boys album ‘We Can’t Be Stopped’ which was released in 1991. A must have in your hip hop collection if you’re a collector like I am.

I also have always been a big fan of the video clip, goes very well together with the great story telling lyrics in this track.

Rest in peace Bushwick Bill.

Samples used in this track:
Hung Up on My Baby by Isaac Hayes (1974)
The Jam by Graham Central Station (1975)
Mind of a Lunatic by Geto Boys (1990)

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