“What’s my favorite album by them?”

Been a big fan of all Gang Starr albums, probably like many other people in the hip hop community and beyond. Crazy cool beats and superb lyrics combined with great guest appearances.

But I was wondering, what exactly is my top album of them all, not the easiest of decisions to make as these are 7 great releases:

  • No More Mr. Nice Guy
  • Step In The Arena
  • Daily Operation
  • Hard To Earn
  • Moment Of Truth
  • The Ownerz
  • One Of The Best Yet

So after a long listening session going over all the albums again I just had to go for the ‘Hard To Earn’ album as my favorite one. 

Feel free to watch the above video for more details.

From all the album covers this is also my top one with great photography by Daniel Hastings.

My Top 5 Tracks In Random Order

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