I must say that in the past I bought much more compared to nowadays, mainly because lot’s of music stored disappeared and digging in stores is so much more fun compared to pushing some buttons on the internet to order new stuff. Yet, that doesn’t mean I don’t do that of course as good releases are still out there!!

Episode 10 already, goes fast and having lot’s of fun making those videos. So I ordered some news albums, plus also some that were already released some time ago but for some reason didn’t have the chance or time yet to add them to my collection.

I go from Raekwon to Benny The Butcher to Evidence and Your Old Droog, all to be added to the CD archive. Followed by Freddie Gibbs, Atmosphere and Run The Jewels incoming in the LP section.

For business inquiries contact me at: hiphopcollector@gmail.com 

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