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What about that second Snoop album, did you like it? I was a bit dissapointed after Doggystyle.

John Doe

First off, I loved the album myself when released. Of course it wasn’t a second Doggystyle, and I wasn’t expecting one either, when giving it a good and neutral listen this album doesn’t fully get the credit it deserves. Creating another Doggystyle would have been very difficult, for sure with Dr. Dre not being on board anymore.

Expectations were of course sky high after that first album which was of course a super classic. I bought The Doggfather on the day it was released in 1996 and as mentioned it before I liked it even though from friends I received mixed signals about it being a not so good album as many were expecting Doggystyle part II.

Personally I was pretty happy that it was totally different compared to his debut album. A different sound with funky beats and a different kind of lyrics. Great production by Daz, DJ Pooh etc.

I do think the album is a bit too long though, it’s well over 70 minutes and personally I’m not the biggest fan of long albums. I prefer short and powerful album, quality over quantity will always be the winning formula for me.

My Top 5 Tracks In Random Order

  • Doggfather
  • Up Jump Tha Boogie
  • Gold Rush
  • Vapors
  • Groupie

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